Easy Security

Easy Security is a complete security solution that can help you set up and maintain security in Microsoft Dynamics NAV/Business Central - saving you time, money and resources.

Easy Security consists of two solutions:

  • Logins and Permissions - including Quick Security
  • Field Level and Data Security

The two solutions can be purchased individually or combined.

Easy Security - Logins and Permissions

Logins and Permissions enables you to quickly set up security in Dynamics NAV/Business Central with the permission recorder, built-in source code analyzer and Segregation of Duties compliant permission sets.

  • Set up security correctly the first time and eliminate a painful trial and error process.
  • Use the permission recorder to record the permissions that are necessary to perform specific tasks in NAV/Business Central
  • Let the source code analyzer automatically find all necessary related permissions, including related permissions for customizations and add-ons.
  • Use the Segregation of Duties compliant permission sets that are included with Easy Security to quickly get started with security setup. The permission sets are automatically updated to work with your customizations and add-ons.

Quick Security

With Quick Security you can implement effective and functioning security in Dynamics NAV/Business Central in a few hours.

Quick Security is great for Go-Live or for customers who currently have all or most users set up as Super users.

  • Prevent mistakes and data loss by not allowing users full access to your data
  • Control security with only a few permission sets.
  • Control permissions with Full Access, Read-Only or No Access permission options.
  • The Quick Security permission sets are created dynamically and will automatically include permissions for custom objects and add-on objects and will automatically be updated when new objects are added to your database.
  • Quick Security can be used exclusively to control security in NAV/Business Central or be combined with the Segregation of Duties compliant permission sets that are included with Easy Security or extended with Field Level and Data Security.

Instead of going live with Super users, you can now quickly limit access to sensitive and critical data with Quick Security.

Field Level and Data Security

With Field Level and Data Security you can limit users’ access to specific fields, actions and pages and limit the data users can see and access – per user and per page.

  • Prevent users from seeing or changing certain fields, actions or pages by hiding these or making these non-editable
  • Filter out data that users should not be able to see

For example

  • Restrict salespeople from seeing the unit cost for items or changing the discount percent on orders
  • Restrict users from seeing finance and payroll data
  • Allow salespeople to see their own orders only

Field level and data security works independently of regular security and therefore also works for super users.

Fast to Implement

Easy Security consists of new objects only and therefore requires no merging. This combined with the installation wizard, which guides you through the setup, allows for an easy and quick installation. Easy Security Logins and Permissions can be installed and set up in less than 15 min.

Easy security is certified for Microsoft Dynamics NAV/BC and is available for all versions of NAV from Navision 2.6 to NAV 2018 and Business Central (until BC 14).

Easy Security is translated into English, German, Spanish, French, Danish, Dutch, Italian and Portuguese. product and service overview

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