NAV Easy Security

NAV Easy Security is a complete security solution that can help you setup and maintain security in Microsoft Dynamics NAV - saving you time, money and resources.

NAV Easy Security consists of two solutions:

  • Logins and Permissions
  • Field Level and Data Security
  • NAV Easy Security Light

The two solutions can be purchased individually or combined.

NAV Easy security is certified for Microsoft Dynamics NAV and is available for all versions of NAV from Navision 2.6 to NAV 2018.

Easy Security is translated into English, German, Spanish, French, Danish, Dutch, Italian and Portuguese.

Fast to Implement

Easy Security consists of only new objects and therefore requires no merging. This combined with the installation wizard, which guides you through the setup, allows for an easy and quick installation. Easy Security Logins and Permissions can be installed and set up in less than 15 min.

Easy Security is translated into English, German, Spanish, French, Danish, Dutch, Italian and Portuguese.

Easy Security - Logins and Permissions

Logins and Permissions, with the built in source code analyzer and permission recorder, enables you to quickly set up security in Dynamics NAV. The permission recorder lets you record the permissions that are necessary to perform specific tasks in NAV and the source code analyzer automatically finds all necessary related permissions, including related permissions for customizations and add-ons. This ensures that security is set up correctly the first time and eliminates a painful trial and error process.

Easy Security comes with a set of predefined permission sets for segregation of duties. The permission sets are automatically updated to work with your customizations and add-ons.


  • Permission Recorder
  • Source Code Analyzer
  • Built-in Permission Sets Verified for Segregation of Duties
  • Object Level Security
  • Quick Security
  • Grouping of Permission Sets and Companies
  • Restore Points
  • Export and Import of Permission Sets

Quick Security

With Quick Security you can implement effective and functioning security in Dynamics NAV in a few hours. By categorizing tables and objects with Full Access, Read-Only or No Access, security can be controlled with only a few permission groups. The Quick Security permission sets are created dynamically and will automatically include custom and Add-on objects.

Quick Security is great for Go-Live or for customers who currently have users set up as Super users.

Read more here.  

Field Level and Data Security

With Field Level and Data Security you can control security down to page, field and action level.

You can limit users’ access to specific pages, fields and actions by hiding these or making these non-editable.

You can also limit the data users can see – per user and per page.

For example, you can set up data security so users can see data for a certain salesperson, department or location only or you can prevent them from seeing data for individual G/L accounts

Field level and data security works independently of regular security and therefore also works for super users.

Read more here.

Easy Security Light

Easy Security Light is a free version of Easy Security with limited functionality.

With Easy Security Light you can record permissions for TableData.

Easy Security Light is wizard driven which makes for fast and simple creation of new permission sets and permission set assignment.

Snapshots provides an easy way to get an overview of security setup in your database and makes it possible to revert a user’s permissions or permissions in a permission set back to an earlier setup.

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Case studies

"The time to set up a role manually could take up to 2 hours, but with NAV Easy Security, it takes 5 minutes, and 90-95% of the tasks were accurate after only one recording."
        Antoine, Wood Group GTS Power Plant Services
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“ has done a great job developing an application that stands on its own and doesn’t interfere with other NAV functionality—I love that kind of programming elegance."
        Robert Bradley, United Subcontractors
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“The number one thing is the amount of detail you can get on Easy Security and the ease at which you can set roles up, and then you can drill down to every single field.... It was also easy to edit – easy to go back into a roll and add to the recording as roles change.”
        Dennis Harris, Plant Manager, Marine Harvest
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Was very pleased with the SQL Profiler, with the ability to record all database transactions, the SQL profiler integration makes it possible to record roles directly using the RoleTailored Client and web services integrations like the NaviTrans Graphical Planboard.
        Olli Larivuo, NAV specialist, Kaukokiito
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Because Cacique is using the RoleTailored Client version of NAV, Eddie used the SQL Profiler to record tasks as the user executed them. These tasks included login and logout and any data permissions accessed during the task, including forms, pages, codeunits, and reports.
        Eddie Farkondeh, Director of IT, Cacique
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Modules and pricing for NAV Easy Security. The Easy Security must be purchased through your NAV partner as other modules for Microsoft Dynamics NAV.
Please contact us for pricing for multiple NAV licenses.