The new Mergetool® (MGTx.xx)

The Mergetool has been update and cleaned up compared to the how it looked in 2010 and earlier. The new version has many new features that makes it easier to get started. A Source Code Analyzer, Object Explorer, Form to Page transformation and Batch Processor has been added to the product too. More details about the enhancements are at the bottom of this page. To have all the features in the Mergetool available use NAV 2009 R2 Classic Client. Features like Form to Page transformation is missing and the Manual Merge screen is not as efficient in NAV 2013 and later versions of the Mergetool. When using NAV 2013 or later the service tier should be installed locally to access files properly.

Many improvements has been added to the latest version of the Mergetool. A list of videos has also been created showing how the latest version Mergetool
Mergetool 1.1 Setup of the Mergetool 
Mergetool 1.2 Import, Compare and Change Log 
Mergetool 1.3.1 Merging Code Start and Tables 
Mergetool 1.3.2 Merging Code Forms, Report, Codeunits 
Mergetool 1.3.3 Importing Merged Object and Final Compare 
Mergetool 2.1 Creating Captions and Release Version 
Mergetool 2.2.1 Translation of an Application Create Translation 
Mergetool 2.2.2 Translation of an Application Create Language Module 
Mergetool 2.3 Form Transformation 
Mergetool 2.4 Source Code Analyzer and Visio Integration
Mergetool 2.4.1 Source Code Analyzer Field and Function Usage
Mergetool 2.5 Renumbering Objects
Mergetool 2.6 Removing Unused Variables 
Mergetool 3.1.1 Creating Online Help Traditional Help Features and Testing
Mergetool 3.1.2 Creating Online Help Traditional Help Upgrading to NAV 2013 Style
Mergetool 3.1.3 Creating NAV 2013 R2 Help using images and enhanced references (Soon to come)

All the files used for this series of videos can be downloaded here.

MGT1.50.24 (Released 1/26/2018) RAR-file ZIP-file
NAV 2018 version of the Megetool objects has been included. The NAV 2009 R2 classic interface is still recommended for the most efficient GUI.
A few fields with Version List has been expanded to handle the 250 characters now possible.

MGT1.50.23 (Released 8/14/2017) RAR-file ZIP-file
It is now possible to add ApplicationArea when exporting a version. The version must be compared against another version to use this function. Only the code added or all code in new objects is getting the ApplicationArea added.
The code to find Control on report Request Pages was not working properly. This has been corrected. First time when comparing is a lot of extra changes show. To avoid this re-import the version that was compared against with the newest code from the Mergetool.

MGT1.50.22 (Released 1/16/2017) RAR-file ZIP-file
NAV 2016 and NAV 2017 version of the Mergetool has been included. Additional MenuSuites has also been added for all NAV versions.
The Technical Check functionality in the translation has been improved with additional test. Testing if a translation for a Base Token is done properly make as easy verify of a translation done externally.
Technical Check Comments are now exported to excel when translating.
It is not possible to lookup into the Base Terminology.
The Voice Export functions now support the new types of NAV solutions.
A list of Categories are now shown in the Online Help tool.
The function to find unused variables had a hardcoded text. This has been corrected.
A long complex tablerelation could make the Source Code Analysis fail. This has been changed.
Query objects are now supported in Source Code Analysis.

MGT1.50.19 (Released 10/11/2014) RAR-file ZIP-file
The calculation of Field and Functions Usage is now showing the time the calculation took.
A few changes was done because a transformation was to run in an earlier version.
NAV 2015 version of the Mergetool has been included.

MGT1.50.18 (Released 6/27/2014) RAR-file ZIP-file
Many new checks has been added to the Translation Technical Check.
The Online help tool has been corrected for some smaller errors.

MGT1.50.17 (Released 4/17/2014) RAR-file ZIP-file
The Last FAQ No. and Last help Image No. is now on the Help Version.
The calculation of automatic help was not using the proper filter for Help Style. This has been corrected.
The calculation of TableRelation could fails with complex relations. This has been corrected.
A new Footer type has been added to the Held Add-on
A conversion report 14120205 "MGT Convert Help Token and FAQ", please inspect the code and ensure this is working for your setup before running the report.

MGT1.50.15 (Released 3/13/2014) RAR-file ZIP-file
NAV 2013 R2 objects of the Mergetool has been included. Everything is functional and similar to the previous RTC versions of the Mergetool. Because of the limited ability to control the screen is the manual merge of code process best done in the Classic Client, alternatively can a monitor with very high resolution be used to have more lines of code being displayed.
The Online Help Tool in the Mergetool can now also create help for the NAV Help Server used in NAV 2013 R2.
References to FAQs can now be done directly in the Online Help tool.
FAQs can now reference other FAQs and any other online help created with the Mergetool.
It is now possible to have links to images in the Online Help. Multiple images can exists allowing screenshots for Classic, 2009, 2013 and 2013 R2. With this can help be created using the same text, but with screenshots matching that actual application.
An external compare tool can now be used to look at Contrast.
The Voice Integration can now use the latest format released by Microsoft. Other minor changes was done too.
An error in the Export as NAV 7 code for CardFormID has been corrected.

MGT1.50.12 (Released 9/29/2013) RAR-file ZIP-file
The online help created was not working properly for reports and batch jobs. This has been corrected.
The process to create captions for page groups was showing an error with file not open. this has been corrected.
A button was not glued properly in the languages form. This has been changed.

MGT1.50.11 (Released 8/12/2013) RAR-file ZIP-file
External compare and merge did not handle version in other companies. This has been changed.
A new log-format HTML has been added. This is very useful if the log generated from the Mergetool is being used on a web-page.
New fields added to the Object and Contrast Header with summary of the different Line Type from a compare. This is useful filtering for changes within only parts of the code.
The Mergetool now handle the PROCEDURES in NAV 2013 R2 without a functions ID.
A link was wrong in one of the Source Code Analyzer forms/pages. This has been changed.
Code on CommandButtons was not scanned properly in the Source Code Analyzer. This has been changed.
The Field and Functions usage is not considering "=" a separator too.
Changes to the PartnerSource integration.
NAV 2013 Only: The Manual Merge page has been improved.
NAV 2013 Only: All code related to Dataports has been deleted.
NAV 2013 Only: A report was not upgraded properly. This has been changed.
NAV 2009 R2 Classic client is still the recommended way to use the Mergetool. The Mergetool only use the text version of the code and do not rely on the objects in the database for most features.

MGT1.50.09 (Released 6/15 2013) RAR-file ZIP-file
The renumbering now handle DrillDownPageID and LookupPageID that is the code for NAV 2013.
The "Sicily" version support having functions without a function ID. The Mergetool can now handle this.
The NAV 2013 version now use Grouping to make better Manual Merge and Log pages.
The Merge request Page in NAV 2013 has been improved.
Captions are now created for Groups in Pages.
Captions are now created for all Object types. The XMLPorts, Pages and Queries was missing.
The Form Control was used in some option strings. This has been changed to Control.
A Captions has been changed in the PartnerSource Integration.
The Overlapping Controls report is now filtering on only forms and reports. This prevent an error when running the report for pages.

MGT1.50.08 (Released 6/4 2013) RAR-file ZIP-file
The function to change InPage during a manual merge was not working properly. This has been changed.
The Field and Functions calculation now test if a Source Code Analysis has been done before starting the calculation.

MGT1.50.07 (Released 5/4 2013) RAR-file ZIP-file
Field and Function Usage has been added to the Source Code Analyzer. This is based on filtering the source code and ensuring Variable or Relation exists. This can produce more results that actually being used, but all occurrences are listed from within the code. The calculation must be done for each field or function (Procedure). But multiple can be selected. The calculation commit per field or function. This YouTube video show the functionality.
All Dialog.INPUT used within the Mergetool has been recoded to use a form or page for the input. This ensure the RoleTailored application is complete for the Mergetool.
The automatic create of the Help Setup was not working properly. This has been changed.

MGT1.50.05 (Released 5/3 2013) RAR-file ZIP-file
When creating the Source Code Analysis data in the "Sicily" source code was an error shown. This has been changed.
Bitmaps for lookup in the transformationtool has been added both for NAV 2009 and NAV 2013. This allow using a larger set of images if the transformation is only done to move from Classic to NAV 2013. Thanks to Arend-Jan Kaufmann to assist with the images.
The structure of the files in the release package has been slightly modified.

MGT1.50.04 (Released 4/2 2013) RAR-file ZIP-file
Translation can now be tested for proper translation of OptionStrings and PageNameML. Check for usage of hotkeys and other issues are also tested.
Compare is now not comparing RDLData if only one report have RDLData. This require the Line Type to be calculated properly for old versions.
A calculation of the Line Type was not done properly in earlier version of the Mergetool. This is making it necessary to delete all Contrast and use the new function on the objects to Update Fixed ID and Line Type for all objects. A new field Data Version has been added. A upgrade function needs to be run to updated the information.
Duplicated code on some forms and pages has been optimized.
The function to find Un-Used Variables has been improved. The Source Code Analysis can now be updated with the information about the Un-Used Variable. During Export of a Version can the variables be deleted.
The Promoted Actions tool is now calculating if a MenuItem use the CurrForm. Code to control a field editable, visible etc.
The Promoted Actions tool have the MenuButton caption together with the MenuItem.
Many Changes to the PartnerSource Integration for support of new NAV 2013 features and improvements to the enhancement calculation. Manual entries can be created for the Enhancement calculation.
Pages are now also added to the Online Help tool.
Description on Tables and Fields can be created as Online Help.
Better control of the lines added with FAQ and Online Help from the Help Addon.
Conversion of Characters for editing Help Token and FAQ has been implemented. This is essential to write help in languages using special characters.
A new function has been added to export MenuSuites with all the additional numbers. This makes it easy to ship all MenuSuites with a solution.
The translation could fail if many translation tokens was selected. This has been changed.
RDLData has been removed from the Import of an Excel translation file.
The function to get Navision Help File Names has been updated to suggest entering a default value in entries not found in the Microsoft Online Help.
All Request Pages has been recreated to match the Request Forms.

MGT1.30.39 (Released 10/10 2012) RAR-file ZIP-file
NAV 2013 version with new design features has been included. The transformation tool and other features only supported in the classic client has been removed. The NAV 2009 SP1/R2 version is still to be used for many tasks during an upgrade for function only available in an executable with Forms and Pages. To setup the new features must four new fields in the Merge Setup be entered. The new functions to Design, Compile and Export can be used from many places in the Mergetool.
The Object Explorer now has a flow field showing if MetaData exists for an object.
The code to modify Fixed ID's was changed in MGT1.30.37. This change caused problems in some cases and has been corrected.
Very long texts could cause problems in the Online Help functions. This has been corrected.

MGT1.30.37 (Released 8/22 2012) RAR-file ZIP-file
The import of Promoted Actions to the transformation tool was not setting the Image if the actions was not promoted or promoted big. This has been corrected a caused many changes pages and objects properties on forms. This has made the application a lot nicer in the RTC with all the images.

MGT1.30.36 (Released 8/22 2012) RAR-file ZIP-file
The calculation when removing Field Importance existing in another version was not considering fields moved between tabs. This has been corrected.
When modifying Fixed IDs was the Fixed ID not updated properly in all lines. This has been corrected.
Lookup to Control ID's for New and Promoted Actions was not showing command buttons. This has been corrected.

MGT1.30.35 (Released 6/27 2012) RAR-file ZIP-file
A new function has been added to the Merge Version function. Version List, Date and Time can now be recalculated without remerging the objects. This makes it easy to correct the Object Properties if the wrong options was selected.
The "Compress Version List" was not use correct in all cases. this has been changed.
The Copy Version function now have a proper progress bar.
The Code Variable table has been changed to allow the Create ENU Caption function to work properly with NAV 2013 code.
The Copy New Objects was not working properly in the Merge function. This has been corrected.
The export of code can now export NAV 2013 code back to older formats of the C/AL code.
The export of code in NAV 2013 format was not working properly in all cases. This has been corrected.

MGT1.30.34 (Released 6/7 2012) RAR-file ZIP-file
A version of the Mergetool for NAV 2013 Public Beta is now included with the download. Most functions are fully functional, but a few obsolete functions still exists. Import, Export, Compare and Merge of Source Code works. The Online Help Tool, Captions Tool and Source Code Analyzer has also been tested. 
The file handling has been centralized to make changes for NAV 2013 easier. All File export is now in the Integration Codeunit.
The translation tool now support very long texts better.
Very long variables names caused problem in the Source Code Analysis. This has been changed.
RunPageMode was not handled properly, when exporting code in NAV 2013 format.
Small changes to transformation data.

MGT1.30.32 (Released 5/1 2012) RAR-file ZIP-file
A version of the Mergetool for NAV7 CTP4 Update 1 (Build 33280) has been included. This version is intended for testing purposes only.
Additional MenuSuites has been included in the release version often Mergetool.
NAV7 changed the indentation of the code in reports. This cause the Source Code Analyzer to miss some relations. This has been corrected.
Many Promotions and Images has been updated in the RoleTailored version of the Mergetool.

MGT1.30.31 (Released 4/20 2012) RAR-file ZIP-file
The Source Code Analyzer was showing an error when many languages was imported for long texts. This has been changed.
The request page for the :Find Object Property Changes:" report was not correct. This has been changed.

MGT1.30.30 (Released 4/18 2012) RAR-file ZIP-file
The lookup for companies does not have a default page in RTC. This has been added to the Mergetool.

MGT1.30.29 (Released 4/18 2012) RAR-file ZIP-file
An interface to use the Mergetool from web-services has been added. A few functions has been added with small improvements to enable this feature. The integration is going to be used in a future version of iFacto Revision.
The translation tool now has a function export all resulting translation files.
Some misspelling in function names has been corrected.

MGT1.30.28 (Released 3/29 2012) RAR-file ZIP-file
The translation functions for Base Terminology has been improved.
A new field "Only Active Versions in Lookup" has been added to the Merge Setup. When this field has a checkmark is only active version shown in a lookup.
Small change for the PartnerSource integration.

MGT1.30.27 (Released 3/23 2012) RAR-file ZIP-file
The Source Code Analyzer now works with the Query object type included in NAV 7.
Additional changes to the PartnerSource integration.

MGT1.30.25 (Released 3/9 2012) RAR-file ZIP-file
The export of code from the Mergetool now has a new option to convert the code for NAV7. Forms and Dataports are not exported. Some sections are removed from the reports. The "FORM.RUN" and other places where "Form" is used is replaced with "Page"
Some object tokens can now be marked as Key Tokens. This allow for creating a list of the must important terminology in each language.
Some code in the translation module has been restructure to allow better reuse.
The length of variables in NAV7 is not limited to 30 characters. The Mergetool now support longer variable names in the Source Code Analysis.
Some reports has been set to ProcessingOnly and removed not important layout.

MGT1.30.24 (Released 2/23 2012) RAR-file ZIP-file
Data from the Source Code Analyzer can now be viewed in Visio. The function can be used both from the Source Code Analyzer windows, but also from the Object Explorer and list of Objects. Thanks a lot for the example from Jason Prickett to make a simple task of writing the automation integration to Visio. A template file is included with the download. this needs to be referenced from the report options form/page. This template has been tested with Visio 2010, but should also work with earlier versions. Watch this YouTube video for a short introduction to using Visio with the Source Code Analyzer in the Mergetool.
The Statistics at the bottom of the windows has been updated to have multi-line labels. This makes for more compressed display and better usability.
The functionality to calculate "Export Error" has been updated. Because of an error in C/SIDE was the form behaving very strange making all the captions wrong and making the Object Explorer useless. The data is now stored in a real table and is also stored so it does not require recalculating every time the Object Explorer is opened.
Small corrections with missing menu items etc.

MGT1.30.22 (Released 2/21 2012) RAR-file ZIP-file
The description and file name now has a default value in a version created from a merge. This help when exporting and later viewing the list of versions.
Additional information has been added to the PartnerSource integration.
An option "Only Translated Texts" has been added in the "Use Translation from Other Version".
The Translation tokens have a new key "Object Token,Language Code,Translated".

MGT1.30.21 (Released 2/7/2012) RAR-file ZIP-file
The Voice Sales Entries export was changed by Microsoft. Additional address information for the billing partner was added. This has been implemented in the Mergetool too, the import now have a Excel Format that can be used to select the version of the data.

MGT1.30.20 (Released 2/4/2012) RAR-file ZIP-file
A text variable was defined too short in the translation import. this has been changed.

MGT1.30.19 (Released 2/4/2012) RAR-file ZIP-file
Objects, Contrast and Manual Merges can now be viewed with external editor. The setup has a command (program path) and parameter. This allows using any editor with additional parameter strings.
The RoleTailored Application has been updated with additional promotions and function. The new handling of SHELL commands allows using the Windows Scripting Host to execute commands. The few commands that can only be used from the Classic Client is now using ISSERVICETIER to avoid compilation warnings.
The embedded Transformation Tool can now have multiple setups. This allows users with different location for the transformation tool folder.
Some MenuItems in the Manual Merge form has been renamed to allow a better transformation to the RoleTailored Client.
A new function to Test Export objects from the Object Explorer has been added. This allow capturing the error caused by exporting without stopping the processing. After the test can the objects be filtered to avoid stopping the export.
When comparing versions is new objects now marked with the Compared to Version Code.
Thanks to 1ClickFactory for providing a lot of the input for the improvements.

MGT1.30.18 (Released 1/28/2012) RAR-file ZIP-file
Beyond Compare version 3 is now optional to use during a manual merge. To use this must the Pro-version of Beyond Compare be purchased for %50. Thanks a lot to Aljoša Gruden (Mibuso ID: "aljosagr") and the Team from Business Solutions d.o.o. for supplying the code for this. Watch this YouTube video to see how this works. Some code from Export and Import of versions has been restructured to allow reuse.
The use of SHELL commands through-out the Mergetool has been recorded to use a single Codeunit. This Codeunit also support using the Windows Scripting Host. This makes the RoleTailored Client being able to use all the functions too. All code in the Mergetool (translation and online help too) has been recorded to use this new functionality. To change the SHELL command type used go to the Merge Setup.

MGT1.30.17 (Released 1/25/2012) RAR-file ZIP-file
The FAQ HTML page can now be sorted with a priority on the FAQ Category. A feature to bold the text has also been added.
The code to calculate ending spaces in the translation module was not working correctly in all cases. This has been changed.

MGT1.30.16 (Released 12/28/2011) RAR-file ZIP-file
The code to automatically create the Merge Setup was not working properly in all cases. This has been corrected.

MGT1.30.15 (Released 12/27/2011) RAR-file ZIP-file
When opening the versions the first time was an error shown that the setup had to be created. This has been changed to automatically create the setup.
When creating languages with the Translation features has a new field "Translated" been added to the language. Only languages with this field checked will be copied. The Exists In field will also be updated after copying the Translation Tokens.
Many small improvements to the Voice/PartnerSource integration.
Some missing captions was created.

MGT1.30.14 (Released 12/8/2011)
The Overlapping controls report is now also checking controls to be on existing pages and all pages to be consistent between the languages in the form.
The report to export only licensed objects has been updated to optionally modify the DMB Table No. instead. This can be used for filtering in the list of objects and only export objects that compiles.
In the Manual Merge form is it possible to view the Contrast Header. This allow getting an overview of the level of change in an object.
The report in the Transformation Tool to update properties for the forms was running very slow in some cases. This has been changed.
The Integration to PartnerSource has been updated with many new features.

MGT1.30.13 (Released 11/16/2011)
The renumbering of control in a page during a merge was not working properly. this has been changed.
Finding Navision Help File Name was not working for some countries. This has been changed.
A Text to Text overflow could be shown when importing Web-server log in the Online Help. This has been changed.

MGT1.30.12 (Released 11/3/2011)
A new option "Automatically Accept All Equal" has been added to the Merge Setup. When this field is checked is equal changes automatically accepted during a manual merge process. This allow for much faster manual merge processing in some situations like using an older common version.
The menu groups in the manual merge screen have been renamed to make it easier to understand for new users.
A bug in the Source Code analyzer caused the variables for the first function not to be added. This has been changed.
The Maintenance has been renamed to Enhancement. This has caused a lot of changes in the PartnerSource integration.
Additional fields and keys has been added to the Voice Account table.
A field Version Code XYZ has been renamed to Version Code in some of the Transformation tool objects.
A bug has been fixed when deleting a version in a SQL version.

MGT1.30.08 (Release 10/4/2011)
Fields can now be merged automatically when only new fields exists. The "Automatically Merge Fields" in the Merge Setup must be checked to activate this.
The transformation application has been integrated with the Mergetool. Lookup to the Mergetool has been implemented from control IDs and other places. Additional information about a Field ID in an MGT Object Line is used for the lookup.
All the files for the transformation can be imported as text files in a version. This allow for easy compare between versions.
Integration to Voice (PartnerSource) for Authorized Resellers, Import Sales Entries, Maintain Module Permissions and calculation of maintenance invoices has been added.
Some MenuItem from the list of versions has been improved to automatically select the current version.
A new Line Type "RDL Data" has been added. During import is the RDL section of a report identified. In a future version is this going to be used for improving the speed of comparing reports.
Some option strings has been changed to improve the terminology in the NAV 2009 Transformation features.
The Help Setup is not verifying editor and compiler path when being inserted. This make setup easier.
The parameters for the Merge Management Codeunit has been changed. Many parameters has now been added as field in a table. This simplify the calling of the functions and allow for additional parameters to be added in the future without changing the code drastically.

MGT1.20.25 (Release 9/15/2011)
A variable was too short in the Manual Merge Lines form and page. this has been corrected.
When scanning for NAV help file names could a text to text error be shown. This has been changed.

MGT1.20.24 (Released 9/6/2011)
When using word as the editor in Online Help Tokens and FAQ's was " (double quote) not correctly imported into NAV. A new field "Correct Double Quote Chars" has been added on the Help Version to allow automatically correcting this during import. This can cause problems in some languages because local characters are used.
Help Comments on the FAQ was not deleted correctly. this has been changed.
A table relation has been added to the FAQ No. This now allow for renaming a FAQ.
A field has been renamed in the "MGT FAQ Export/Import Entry" table. this has caused multiple objects to be changed.
The Dataport for FAQ HTML Lines was not filtering correctly. This has been changed.
On the Translation File Export is it now possible to select to export as another language. This is very useful for languages like German, Dutch, English that is used in multiple countries. With the export is only one language required to be translated within the Mergetool.

MGT1.20.23 (Released 8/8/2011)
It is now possible to edit (during manual merge) and see 1000 characters from lines in the Mergetool. It was previously only possible to see 250 characters and editing would cause characters to be lost if a line was longer than 250 characters.

MGT1.20.22 (Released 7/18 2011)
Code that contained RUN or RUNMODAL as variable or comment could cause an error in the Source Code Analysis. This has been changed.

MGT1.20.21 (Released 7/15 2011)
When an object name contained a space at the end was an error shown in the Source Code Analyzer. This has been changed.
Variable names with "@" signs could cause an error in the Source Code Analysis. This has been changed.

MGT1.20.19 (Released 6/14 2011)
A new feature "infinite" in the control position on a form was causing the Overlapping Control report to show an error. This has been corrected.

MGT1.20.18 (Released 5/31 2011)
Functions has been added to the NAV 2009 transformation functions Promoted Actions and Field Importance. Setting from the current pages (Base NAV and other) can now be imported from code. It is also possible to copy based on caption to set similar Control Actions, Images and Importance from another versions.
The code to find captions for the Promoted Actions feature has been improved.
When creating data for Promoted Actions and Filed Importance has the layout been removed from the report. A progress window is shown instead.
The Translation Token form has been optimized for RTC transformation by moving most of the code to the table.
The filtering for translated texts has been updated to handle reserved characters.
A new version of the TIFPM1.22 177xxx tool has been created with a minor correction to the MenuSuite.

MGT1.20.16 (Released 5/20 2011)
Performance of the list of Versions could be very slow based on some flowfields counting thousands of records. This has been changed to only have a Boolean field shown.

MGT1.20.15 (Released 5/5 2011)
A rare condition could cause a text to text error when running a Source Code Analysis. This has been corrected.

MGT1.20.14 (Released 4/28 2011)
The Excel Buffer is now used to create an Excel file with translations. An import of this file has also been added, this allow for directly re-importing the result when returned from translation. This Excel file has successfully used by to do a translation from English to German.
A few changes to terminology.

MGT1.20.13 (Released 4/13 2011)
A Header and Line concept has now been added to the Batch processor in the Mergetool. All existing records must be deleted in the MGT Batch Line (named MGT Batch Entry in MGT1.20.12) table before importing the objects.
The Batch Processing can now do the following tasks: Object Import, Translation File Import, Text File Import, Scan Source Code, Promoted Actions, Field Importance, Compare, Merge, Database Objects Export.
Small changes to captions and RTC application.

MGT1.20.12 (Release 4/8 2011)
A Batch Processor has been added to the Mergetool. This can be used for streamlining several operations after each other, this will save a lot of time wasted when one process ends until the data for the next has been entered.
A Default Product Code is not on the Merge Setup. When upgrading please add this manually.
The code to the import and export was very inconsistent. This has been changed.
The code in the data conversion Codeunit has been removed to not have a constant compile problem. The conversion Codeunit can be downloaded from MGT Convert PM123 Data. But is also included in the released file.
Some changes to captions.
A new version of the TIFPM tools has been released too. They can be downloaded from TIFPM1.21 177xxx. Basically a menu has been added and several of the Dataports now match the names used in the Mergetool

MGT1.20.11 (Released 4/7 2011)
A formatted string is now showing the Object Type, Object Number and Object Caption in the Source Code Analyzer. This makes a lot more data fit on the screen and gives a much better overview.
Assistance has been added when entering the Product Logo Address in the Online Help Tool.
It is now possible to view the Documentation trigger (in version imported to the Mergetool) directly from the Object Explorer.
Improvements to editable field and the RTC application.

MGT1.20.10 (Released 4/7 2011)
The Source Code Analyzer now run as a single process with only one progress bar to wait for.
Updates to RTC and Statistics on forms.

MGT1.20.09 (Released 4/7 2011)
Large number of changes to layout of forms and pages in all areas of the Mergetool. Everything has been optimized to show the needed information and not too much more by default. A large number of hidden fields are available to be added on most objects.
Terminology has been changed in several places to make a consistent application.
The visual side of the Source Code Analyzer has been improved a lot. Many MenuItem has been added to allow consistent navigation. A new list of Object Lines with Relations, Variables and Source Code Lines displayed is making it very easy to use.

MGT1.20.08 (Released 4/6 2011)
Many small changed for the translation application including some changes to the terminology and corrections for very long strings.
A test has been added that the merge cannot be started with two of the versions being identical. this avoid a strange error when trying to compare.
The RTC version of the report request has been updated for some objects.
The code to modify fixed IDs now support pages.

MGT1.20.07 (Released 4/6 2011)
All relation to the User table has been updated to use the Login Management. This will allow for using Windows Logins and Database Logins
When copying versions from another company is it now possible to only copy a single version.
The groups calculated in the Contrast Header will now be calculated when the record is created. This will improve the performance for displaying with a very small impact on the compare and merge. It is possible to update all existing Contrast Headers by writing a piece of code calling the function on the table.
Menu Items to view files has been removed.
The create caption and text constants has been updated to handle captions longer than 250 characters. Code has also been added to support up to 6 changes in the same line.
Improvements to the Source Code Analyzer including adding system tables to the lookup. This will make the User, Company and other system tables not to cause a parser error.
Small improvements to code structure and RTC application.

MGT1.20.06 (Released 4/5 2011)
It is now possible to copy lines from the old version during a merge. Only the manual option to enter line number exists, but this should only be used very rarely.
The Statistics has been added to the Source Code Analyzer objects.
A small error in the source code analysis of return values has been corrected.
The create caption and texts constants has been improved with lookup to earlier texts.
Role Center and Activities has been improved.

MGT1.20.05 (Released 4/4 2011)
Many updates to the Online Help Tool. The FAQ will now show the lines instead of the categories. A function to update all automatic online help has been added.
The functions to update the Source Code Analysis has been combined to a single menu item.
The renumbering functionality has been updated to be smarter about automatically assigning numbers.
The code to check for a file that already exists has been updated.
Terminology changes.

MGT1.20.04 (Released 4/3 2011)
Statistics can now be updated conditionally with the field "Update Statistics" in Merge Setup. Statistics has also been added to the Contrasts.
"Translation File Name" has been added the Version. This will allow a separate file name for the translation file.
Improved RTC application (still a lot of thing not working properly and require Service Tier installed on local computer).
Minor terminology changes.

MGT1.20.03 (Released 3/31 2011)
Improved RTC application (still a lot of thing not working properly and require Service Tier installed on local computer)
Minor terminology changes.

MGT1.20.02 (Released 3/30 2011)
A "Version Code Filter" has been added to the Objects Explorer. With this has many new Flowfields also be possible and added too.
The Help Token list have been updated with a lot of useful statistics information.

MGT1.20.01 (Released 3/24 2011)
An Object Explorer has been added to assist in exporting the right objects. License Permissions and several kind of statistical information is shown too.
Minor modifications to terminology.

MGT1.20 (Released 3/17 2011)
More tables can now be in a different company and be used by the Mergetool.

  • A few fields was left in the 50xxx range. This has been moved.
  • Translation Tokens, Promoted Actions and Field Importance can now be references in a different company.
  • Additional improvements for using data in a different company.
  • Many small errors corrected, testing of requirements and messages added.

MGT1.19 (Release 3/10 2011)
This version includes mayor updates to working with the Mergetool.

  • The Merging Type has been hidden in the Merge Request.
  • A new simpler way to start a merge has been added. The Version List is now maintained by adding the Base Navision Version List and then the two Additional Version Lists. This addresses a previous issue with Merging Type, where there were some errors resulting from selecting the wrong type and getting a strange version list.
  • The Code to delete all the many related entries to a version has been updated. Now all related tables will be deleted when a Version is deleted.
  • The display of Counts has been moved to the bottom of each list instead of as columns. This makes it a lot easier to get an overview and looks like Journal in Navision.
  • A Role Center has been added and the Mergetool application transformed to the RTC. Some functions work OK, but no work has been done yet to resolve issues with using SHELL or direct file access from the service tier.
  • There have also been many improvements to the Source Code Analyzer.

MGT1.14 (Released 3/3 2011)

  • In this version, it is now possible to export all licensed objects to a text or XML file directly from the application. This requires a 2009 SP1 or later executable license, but allows customers to export all license objects easily when Application Builder has been purchased.
  • An Object Level source code analyzer is now included in the Mergetool, including Table Relations, Flowfields, Source Table, Data Item, Menu Items and much more. Variables are found as Global Variables, Local Variable, Parameters and Return Values.

MGT1.10 (Released 2/22 2011)
The Mergetool MGTX.XX has been updated with many improvements compared to the PMXXX version.

The list below highlights some of the improvements offered in the new version of Mergetool:

  • Added an Object Explorer that can be used to get an overview of all the code in a database, but also to export only objects that is licensed.
  • An Object Level Source Code Analyzer is now also included with the Mergetool.
  • Many lengthy processes can now be stringed together with the Batch Processor. Import objects, compare against another version, import new objects and merging is all possible with very little user input up front and no input during the process.
  • Moved to different object range to support being used by customers and within a database with existing customizations.
  • Made object name unique, adding MGT in front (can now exist with any other objects).
  • Translation can not be export and imported from an Excel file.
  • Created Caption, Text Constants and cleaned up terminology.
  • Deleted objects that were only used for temporary or old functions.
    • Removed the SUDOKU Solver
    • Cleaned up the application and fixed bugs
  • Converted most Dataports used for Import and Export to processing-only reports using the Common Dialog for lookup of file names. (Will allow a RTC front end at one point in the future).
  • Optimized so that versions can exist in another company and being used for most operations.
    • Allow multiple users to work in separate companies using same base data without locking the database.
    • Improved clean-up after a customer merge -- just delete the company.
  • Optimized Compare using temporary tables (3-10 times faster when Client/Server).
  • Optimized for performance on Server-based install (SQL or Native).
  • Changed long texts to be broken in 250 characters strings instead of 100. This will make searching in the source code much more efficient. (Side effect is that the database grows by 5-10% due to more unused space)
  • Added a lot of visibility with COUNT flowfields; the process can be a little slow in the beginning, but it offers very good information and a more visually intuitive experience by clicking the drill down.
  • Renumbering Entries can be created to move previous versions of the Mergetool to the new range to facilitate merging of changes from PMxxx versions. Only code changes in Dataports converted to Reports will have a problem being merged.
  • Data conversion Codeunit can now be created based on Renumbering Entries.
  • When exporting objects, it is now possible to remove code added by 5.00.01 conversion (Clustered=Yes) and 2009 Conversion (FIELDGROUPS, REQUESTPAGE and RDLDATA). This will allow for moving back to older executable.

Captions, text constants and some renaming of fields and variables have been done all over the new product; please note that this can cause a problem when implementing some changes with the merge process.

The move from using Dataports for Import and Export Dialog to using a report is a problem for merging. Changes must be applied manually in these objects. Below is a list of objects that has been moved.

  • PM123 Dataports -> MGT1.00 Report
  • 60024 Create/Export With Language -> 14120039 MGT Create/Exp With Language
  • 102174 Export Later Merge Lines -> 14120030 MGT Export Later Merge Lines
  • 102172 Export Log -> 14120028 MGT Export Log
  • 50003 Export Log Object Line -> 14120034 MGT Export Log Object Line
  • 60025 Export Manual Translation File -> 14120040 MGT Export Manual Transl. File
  • 50006 Export Tables Stripped Fields -> 14120036 MGT Exp Tables Stripped Fields
  • 50000 Export Terminology Log -> 14120032 MGT Export Terminology Log
  • 60022 Export Translation File -> 14120038 MGT Export Translation File
  • 102171 Export Version -> 14120027 MGT Export Version
  • 64051 Import Comb. FAQ File -> 14120204 MGT Import Comb. FAQ File
  • 64002 Import Combined Help File -> 14120203 MGT Import Combined Help File
  • 102173 Import STX Text Constants -> 14120029 MGT Import STX Text Constants
  • 102175 Import Text File -> 14120031 MGT Import Text File
  • 60021 Import Translation File -> 14120037 MGT Import Translation File
  • 50005 Import Version (Conditionally) -> 14120035 MGT Import Version
  • 50001 Import Version (single files) -> 14120033 MGT Import Vers (single files)

If you would like to upgrade your customizations to the new version, we have created the following document as a resource: How to move changes to the Mergetool from PMxxx to MGTx.xx