Mergetool’s NAV Easy Security makes recording roles simple for Cacique 

Founded in 1973, family-owned Cacique is one of the largest Hispanic-style dairy product manufacturers in the United States. The company makes and sells fresh specialty cheeses and creams along with Mexican-style sausages, traditional Hispanic drinks, and yogurt-based beverages. Their products are sold at major food retailers and smaller Hispanic specialty retailers nationwide. 

The Challenge

With an expanding nationwide network and growing client base, Cacique was prompted to upgrade their existing business management software to the RoleTailored Client version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV. While pleased with their NAV solution, administrators became immediately aware during the implementation and go- live process that creating roles and assigning them to the 70 employees using NAV was a challenge. It did not allow them to set roles to the level they desired, and the process was time-intensive. They were repeatedly going to their NAV partner for modifications, which was getting expensive, and still they were not satisfied with the level of security they were achieving. In addition, users would get multiple errors while trying to perform their duties, so security was often sacrificed for the need to perform basic job functions. Mistakes were being made, money was being spent, users and IT were frustrated, and a solution needed to be found.

Cacique wanted a solution that would fully integrate with NAV and allow them to create roles to their exact specifications quickly and easily, so they could delete all of the generic roles in their NAV database. They also wanted field level security, but this process was complex, and they could not get to the level of security they needed. “The idea was to be able to create very specific roles for users within a department so they can do what they need to do and nothing more,” said Director of IT Eddie Farkondeh, “and we didn’t want to spend a lot of time doing it.”

In late 2011, Eddie began looking for another solution. Their NAV partner recommended’s Easy Security.

The Solution

After learning about Easy Security, Eddie contacted and requested a demo version of the software. Easy Security allows companies to assign permissions for multiple users across multiple groups and companies by automating much of the process.

Because Cacique is using the RoleTailored Client version of NAV, Eddie used the SQL Profiler to record tasks as the user executed them. These tasks included login and logout and any data permissions accessed during the task, including forms, pages, codeunits, and reports. He could then import them to create roles. He could then assign roles to other users and adjust them as needed for each specific user without having to re-record tasks in common.

Eddie said that the great thing about Easy Security and SQL Profiler is that he can “create multiple roles and then put them into a role group and simply hand that off to a department. It simplifies role management within NAV.”

Eddie was also pleased that NAV Easy Security requires very little training: “Overall, we have saved time in training and in setting up roles, and have a comprehensive tool that allows us to create specific roles that provide the level of security we need.”

Other features of NAV Easy Security include:

Source Code Analyzer - Permissions required by the source code can be read and any necessary changes added automatically to build roles or role permissions manually added.

Automated Object-Level Security – The complex, time-consuming task of setting up form-level, report-level, codeunit-level and page-level security for users is automated through object-level permissions in the roles, allowing easy viewing of which object access by user. NAV Easy Security also automatically maintains permissions for the remainder of the objects.

Restore Points  - Changes to permissions can be reversed very easily should any problems arise.

Export and import features - Restore Points, Recordings, and Built Roles can be exported and imported, allowing for testing in one database and an easy move to production.

NAV Easy Security also works with both the RoleTailored Client and the Classic Client in NAV.

The Results

Cacique was able to install NAV Easy Security following one 3-hour training session with Mergetool.  “Service and support has been great,” said Eddie. “We are extremely pleased. Mergetool responds quickly by phone or email, and customizations from our NAV partner are no longer necessary.” Time involved to set up role groups has typically taken 4 hours or less; without Easy Security, “it would have taken days.”

So what’s next for Cacique? Eddie feels they are maximizing the system to its fullest potential. The company plans to continue expanding as the market allows and they know that utilizing Easy Security will allow that growing process to continue painlessly and efficiently.

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About NAV Easy Security

NAV Easy Security for Microsoft Dynamics NAV makes it quick and easy to assign permissions for multiple users across multiple groups and companies - saving you valuable time, money, and resources when setting up security.

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