Mergetool’s NAV Easy Security Takes the Bumps Out of the Road for Kaukokiito Transport

Kaukokiito is one of the largest private transportation systems in Finland.  Established in 1953, Kaukokiito provides transportation, warehousing and logistics services. With 29 terminals throughout Finland, Kaukokiito currently has over 2,000 employees and transports 2.5 million deliveries every year.  

The Challenge

Kaukokiito’s terminal and route networks cover all of Finland. The company has a large network of professional personnel and local transport companies, which ensures knowledge and expertise in local areas. Kaukokiito prides itself in its ability to work fast, be flexible, and provide customer oriented transport and storage.  

With the challenges of time and geography, Kaukokiito had outgrown their old software, for example, its inability to track parcels. In 2010, they began implementing the RoleTailored Client Version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009.  

The company also uses NaviTrans, a vertical transportation and logistics solution for NAV that provides order processing, transport planning, and tracking, and more. Although the solution worked well, there was a challenge. NaviTrans also had its own client for transport planning, so NAV could not record roles. This was a serious issue. Kaukokiito has more than 30 roles within the company, many of which with the potential to be split into smaller roles and tasks. With 200 NAV users and more than 1,000 truck drivers utilizing mobile devices, a call center, a nationwide network of professional personnel and local transport companies offering transportation, transit storage, distribution centers, central warehouses, and facilities for balancing seasonal variations, Kaukokiito needed to be able to expand and diversify roles while protecting the security of their database.  

When the project team began differentiating and defining specific roles within the company, they were faced with the likelihood of creating as many as 350 new roles that would be grouped into 30 larger roles. Although NAV had the capability of creating roles, it was not possible to record them using RTC and NaviTrans directly using NAV. Also NAV did not have the functionality to group and manage all the roles and permissions easily. It was a time-consuming task. After assessing the situation, Olli Larivuo, NAV specialist with Kaukokiito’s Tampere location, began searching for a solution that could handle the daunting task of defining such a large and diverse number of roles.

The Solution

Olli began searching at the end of 2011 for a solution and found NAV Easy Security. Easy Security allows companies to assign permissions for multiple users across multiple groups and companies by automating much of the process. After learning about NAV Easy Security, he contacted Per Mogensen, owner of, and asked for a demo version of the software. Olli recalls briefly looking at a few other products but felt Easy Security “seemed to fulfill all the needs I was looking for.” Kaukokiito purchased the product in January 2012.

The features within Easy Security met all Kaukokiito’s security needs.
Olli was very pleased with the SQL Profiler, with the ability to record all database transactions, the SQL profiler integration makes it possible to record roles directly using the RoleTailored Client and web services integrations like the NaviTrans Graphical Planboard.  

Permissions can be recorded when building new roles or updating existing roles. Every data permission with security level and object permissions such as codeunits, reports, forms and pages that needs to be accessed is automatically recorded. Tasks can then be combined to build roles, which are assigned to appropriate users. These roles can be assigned to multiple users, and roles can be adjusted as necessary so the tasks in common with other roles don’t have to be re-recorded.  

Other features of NAV Easy Security include:  

Source Code Analyzer - Permissions required by the source code can be read and any necessary changes added automatically to build roles or role permissions manually added.  

Automated Object-Level Security - The complex, time-consuming task of setting up form-level, report-level, codeunit-level and page-level security for users is automated through object-level permissions in the roles, allowing easy viewing of which object is accessed by the user. NAV Easy Security also automatically maintains permissions for the remainder of the objects.  

Restore Points  - Changes to permissions can be reversed very easily should any problems arise.  

Export and import features - Restore Points, Recordings, and Built Roles can be exported and imported, allowing for testing in one database and an easy move to production.

The Results

Kaukokiito was able to implement NAV Easy Security during a two-hour training session.  “Easy Security has made it easy to make roles to the level we require, easy to record, and easy to update for all users in the company.” said Olli. In fact, after defining the roles, has was able and set up approximately half of them in less than two weeks, and has gone back into the system to make adjustments, stating he is “typically setting up smaller roles in as little as five to ten minutes.”

Also, because Easy Security is simple to implement and tightly integrated with NAV, it has been requiring minimal disruption of operations because a role can be recorded at the user’s computer and has allowed Olli to test as the company upgrade NAV with little interference.”

With this time savings, Kaukokiito has been able to save money on resources by utilizing them elsewhere. In addition, the company has saved money and time by eliminating the need to deal with compromised data.

On the experience with Easy Security, Olli said, “I have been very satisfied with’s level of service and expertise. They know Dynamics NAV inside and out and always provide fast support when we need them.”

So what’s next for Kaukokiito? For now, Olli says “We are right where we want to be when it comes to the permission and role related issues.”

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