Upgrade to ES1.41.xx (NAV Easy Security 2.0) from an earlier version

The upgrade to ES1.41.xx includes the improved functionality to many areas of NAV Easy Security, but no change to the table structure requiring a data conversion process.

Before running these processes ensure the current code is version ES1.40.xx, if using an older version please run the upgrades from that version first.
Upgrade to ES1.40.xx from an earlier version
Upgrade to ES1.30.xx from an earlier version
Upgrade to ES1.20.xx from an earlier version

1: Import ES1.41.xx objects.
2: Compile all objects with Version List=ES*
3: Compile all MenuSuites
4: Open the Security Setup and click on Advanced, Update Data
5: Open the Field Level and Data Security Setup and Click on Advanced, Update Data

This process asks a few questions to activate the new features if needed. Be sure to mark old Restore Point that needs to be kept if activating the "No. of Restore Points to Keep". The first Publish are going to take longer than normal. The added permission sets for Quick Security and reduced permissions when removing Table (not tableData) make many changes.

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