Upgrade to ES1.40.xx from an earlier version

The upgrade to ES1.40.xx includes the improved functionality to Launch Objects directly based on Role Details instead of from Planned Roles. The two tables have been combined in the Role Detail. Existing data in Planned Roles must be moved to the Role Detail. After the data has been moved, the objects associated with Planned Roles and the existing Demo Data code can be deleted.

Before running these processes ensure the current code is version ES1.30.xx, if using an older version please run the upgrades from that version first.
Upgrade to ES1.30.xx from an earlier version
Upgrade to ES1.20.xx from an earlier version

1: Import ES1.40.xx objects.
2: Import Conversion object matching the executable version of NAV used.
3: Run Report 14123901 from the objects designer in the Easy Security Company.
4: Export all the objects from the Object Designer to a text file
5: Perform a scan of the exported Source Code from the Security Setup
6: Perform a scan of the exported Source Code from the Field Level and Data Security Setup

After the report finishes, the following objects can be deleted.
Table 14123656 ES Planned Role
Form 14123663 ES Planned Roles
Report 14123652 ES Create Demo Data Codeunit
Report 14123901 ES Conversion ES1.40
Dataport 14123651 ES Planned Roles
Codeunit 14123653 ES Create Demo Data Records
Codeunit 14123655 ES Planned Role Demo Data
Page 14123663 ES Planned Roles

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