Upgrade to ES1.30.xx from an earlier version

The upgrade to ES1.30.xx includes the ability to do dynamic filters and hiding fields on list forms in the classic client, without removing the ability to customize the form.

Before running these processes ensure the current code is version ES1.20.xx, if using an older version please run the upgrades from that version first.
Upgrade to ES1.20.xx from an earlier version

The process of upgrading compared to a normal Easy Security upgrade is just a little more complex.
1: Import All Easy Security Objects from ES1.30.xx y.yy.fob
2: Import Codeunit "14123814 ES Dynamic Filter Customize" from ESACC Empty Objects ES1.30.xx.fob. Do not import other objects from this file.
3: If using Field Level and Data Security, run the Implement code step to update the code in the list forms to use the new code.

Only step 2 and 3 are added compared to a normal upgrade of Easy Security.

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