If Field Level or Data Security Codes are not Working in a Specific Page

In order for pages to correctly apply Field Level and Data Security codes, the source table for the page must be set up in Source Table Setups. Also, the Easy Security code must be implemented on the pages by running Implement Changes in Code. What often happens is that after the implementation of Field Level and Data Security, an object is imported from a development or test database that does not have Easy Security installed. This overwrites the object with an object that does not have the Easy Security code in it.

One way to check to see if this overlay has happened is to look at the Properties of a Field. A customer's license has the necessary permission to do this. Open the page in question in Design mode from the Object Designer. Click on a field in the Page Designer. In our example, the No. field (for Customer Number - Page 21) was selected. Next, select View, Properties from the menu or click on the red checkmark in the ribbon. If the Easy Security code is implemented, you will see the Easy Security code (ESACC_.....) as it is showing in the screenshot below.

If the Easy Security code is not present, the object may have been overwritten. At any time, it is possible to re-implement the code based on your Source Table Setups. Only those pages that need the code will be affected. Pages with the necessary code already implemented will not be re-processed by the engine.

How To Implement Changes in Code

For more information about developing when Field Level and Data Security is installed, please see the following article.

How To develop when Field Level, Actions and Data Security code has been added

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