How to develop when Field Level and Data Security code has been added

Field Level and Data Security makes changes to the code on Forms and Pages. What is the best way to modify those objects as a developer?

Customization to Forms and Pages should be done as normal. Just add the fields, buttons or actions as you would normally. After finishing the customization, run the Implement Changes in Code function to add the code for Field Level and Data Security.

A partner/developer license is required for this process due to the export/import of objects in text format.

See How To Implement Changes in Code

For larger customizations and upgrades, all the code changes can be removed by running the Delete Changes in Code function. This will leave the objects as before installing Field Level and Data Security. Only the date and time is changed on the objects. Setup is not affected by this since it is all stored in different tables and is unrelated to the fields and objects being executed.

See How To Delete Code Changes

DO NOT try to manually add the code changes for the Field Level and Data Security. If not done properly, the install engine will ignore the controls, since manual code has been added.

Using variables starting with "ESACC_" should under no circumstances be done. The uninstall engine is using this to identify code to be removed.

All the changes done by Field Level and Data Security can be redone without any problems. Overlaying an object during an upgrade or based on some customizations is not a problem. Next time the Implemeny Changes in Code is run, the Forms or Pages requiring changes to enable the Field Level and Data Security will automatically be modified.

To minimize the impact on the user's customizations to the interface (ZUP-file), only objects where the code actually changes are placed in the output file to be imported.

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