How To Add Additional Tables to Source Table Setup in Field Level and Data Security

Overview: This walkthrough shows how to add additional tables to Source Table Setup after the initial implementation of Field Level and Data Security has already been completed.
It is sometimes necessary to add new tables for an area of the application not previously set up or for newly created or add-on tables for which field level or data security is required.

A partner/developer license is required for this process due to the export/import of objects.

In the case when objects have been created and/or modified since the last Source Code Analysis, be sure to update the source code when necessary. See the following link for more information:

When To update Source Code Analysis

Note: The following steps can be done in either client. However, the automatic export/import of objects is available only in NAV 2009 and only in the Classic Client. Therefore, in NAV 2009 it is easier to execute this step from the Classic Client, because the Implement Changes in Code function does the export, code changes and import of objects automatically, eliminating the need for the manual export and import of objects shown below.

1) Under Setup, Source Table Setups, add the additional tables (Bank Account in this example).

2) Go to Easy Security/Setup/Field Level and Data Security Setup. Source Code File Name should contain the name of a text file containing all tables, forms and pages exported from object designer. The Output File Name is defaulted from Source File Name and a "-out" suffix is added. This is the file where the code changes will be written.

3) Click Functions and click Implement Changes in Code (No Export of Objects)

4) Notice that only the necessary forms and tables based on Source Table Setup have been modified.

5) The output file will now need to be imported. In Object Designer select File/Import and enter the Output File Name specified earlier.

6) The modified objects now need to be compiled. In Object Designer filter on object types Form, Page and Codeunit (F|P|C). Filter on Compiled = No, Date = today. Select all objects and compile.

7) The additional table (s) is now available in lookups and is ready to be set up for field level and data security.

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