When to update Source Code Analysis

The Source Code Analysis is used both in the Logins and Permissions and in the Field Level and Data Security. It is important to keep the data up to date to ensure that NAV Easy Security works properly.

Logins and Permissions

It is important to update the Source Code Analysis for Logins and Permissions every time changes are done to the tables. This includes adding new fields with tablerelations, adding new flowfields, etc. In addition, adding FactBoxes or doing changes to the Forms or Pages will also require that Source Code Analysis be updated. The data can be updated from the Security Setup. The function to "Export Source Code for Licensed Objects" can be used to export to text format if the Module 7200 "Application Designer" is in the license. Otherwise, the partner will need to assist with the export of the objects since a developer license will be needed. Only objects that have been changed since the last update need to be exported.

After exporting the objects, the function "Get Relations from Source Code" must be used to update the data for adding related permissions.

Field Level and Data Security

For Field Level and Data Security, the Source Code Analysis need only be updated when there is a change to the relationship between the tables and the forms/pages.

For example:
Adding new tables with new associated forms or pages
Adding new forms or pages which reference an existing table
Changing the SourceTable on an existing form or page

The update can be done one of two ways
1) Export only the modified tables, forms and pages manually and then run Get Relations from source code.
2) In 2009 SP1 and R2, run the Initial Source Code Analysis again since it will export all objects.
In non-2009 versions, manually export ALL tables, forms and pages and then run Get Relations from Source Code.

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