Comparing reports with RDL

With the introduction of RDL in report with NAV 2009 was many reports increased in size 10 times. This is all a big xml portion embedded inside the normal report code. Because the algorithm used for searching for when the code is identical again is searching one line forward and compare is this causing very large compare times. In a future version of the Mergetool is the DRLDATA section going to be ignored if only of the reports compared contains it.

NAV 2009 to 2013 update: The changes done to reports with additional indentation of the code in report loop elements and to the RDL data is making compare and merge almost impossible. When comparing objects, filter the Object Type "<>Report". As mentioned above is there not much to do about this, the changes to the RDL code between 2009 and 2013 are huge and the xml is a very poor source code format.

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