Getting started Comparing and Merging with the Mergetool

The new Mergetool (Version MGT1.20.xx or later) is very easy to setup. Open the Merge Setup and the right defaults are created.

The Mergetool is relying on good performance from the disk, memory and networking from the computer. Set the Object Cache to a minimum of 32,000 KB and if using the Native database set the DBMS Cache to at least 512,000 KB. If using a server performance will be reduced but never use it across wireless network.

The fastest configuration for the Mergetool is to use a Local Native database with 1,000,000 KB of DBMS Cache (not all computers are able to use the full cache) placed on a SSD (solid State) disk.

To get ready for a merge is a few steps required.
0: Export all objects from Old and New Navision Version and Customers database using the same executable (to avoid extra differences caused by text changes caused by the executable). If a large amount of customizations exists also delete all additional text layers by exporting to Language Modules (Tools, Language Module, Export).

1: Import Old Navision Version "OLDNAV", remember to Check Navision Version

2: Import New Navision Version "NEWNAV", remember to Check Navision Version

3: Import Customer Code Version "CUSTOMER", remember to select Based on Navision Version

4: Compare Customer version "CUSTOMER" against "OLDNAV" delete equal objects

5: Use the report under Advanced, Find Object Properties Changes to delete objects that only have date/time/version list changes

6: Review changes and delete objects from "CUSTOMER" that does not need to be merged

7: Start Merge with the "CUSTOMER" being the active version, Select "OLD NAV" and "NEW NAV". Enter "CUSTOMER-M" in the New Customer Version. Check Skip if Manual Merge for the first run.

8: Export the Merged version "CUSTOMER-M".

9: Import the objects in the Navision version matching the "NEWNAV" to avoid problems creating fields. Depending on add-on/ISV solution and other customizations this can require some extra steps for getting the field created properly.

Very detailed videos explaining the different parts of the Mergetool is available on this page Mergetool: Training videos

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