How to Create User Security Setup

Field Level and Data Security User Management (10:19)

Overview: User Security Setup connects the User to the source table and allows for specification of the Field Level and Data Security Codes. This FAQ assumes that Field Level and Data Security has already been set up and that a Field Level Security Code that allows for editing of fields on the Customer Card has already been created.

To see how to create the Field Level Security Code used in this example, see the following How-To document:

How To Create a Field Level Security Code for Fields and MenuItems (RTC)

1) From the Field Level and Data Security menu select User Security Setup and click New. Leave User ID blank and enter Source Table 18 Customer. By setting up a record for the blank user, this will be the default value for all users not otherwise specified. This allows for setting up a default setting that is most restrictive and then opening up permissions only for the users that need additional access. A READONLY Field Level Security Code is created for each table in Source Table Setups when Easy Security is installed. The READONLY code is the default code for newly created User Security and will be added automatically. The READONLY code only allows a User to view data, not make changes to the data.

2) Click New again and enter the user Id for the current logged in user. Our example uses John. Then select the Field Level Security Code that allows for the editing of some fields. Our example uses CUSTADDR.

Logged in as the user John, the Customer Card appears as below with some fields being editable and only the Statistics button enabled.

For all other users, due to the blank user setup for source table 18 having the READONLY Field Level Security Code, ALL of the fields and buttons are disabled.

For information on creating Data Security Codes, please see the following document:

How to Create a Data Security Code

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