If an Imported SQL Profiler Trace is Incomplete

If an imported trace appears to be missing permissions or no Object Trace Events were recorded, it is possible that the profiler trace was executed using one of the standard templates instead of the Easy Security template. If the Easy Security template was not imported, or if it was not set as the default, then the Standard template may have been used. The Standard template does not record all of the necessary events needed for the Permission Sets. The trace events look similar to the screen shot below and do not include Object Trace Events.

Below is a screen shot of the SQL Profiler set up to use the Standard SQL template.

Be sure you are using the Easy Security template provided in the software package as shown below. An Easy Security template is provided for various versions of SQL. Select the template that matches or is newer than the version of SQL being used.

See the following FAQ's for detailed instructions for installing and using the templates.

How To Import an Easy Security SQL Profiler Template

How To Create a New Role Using SQL Profiler

If permissions are missing, another possibility is that the NAV Server Service was not restarted prior to starting the recording. In this case, objects may have been cached and would not be picked up by the recording. Always restart the NAV Server Service before making each recording.

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