Company Name must be equal to x in Company Group Line

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Overview: This document explains why the error is received. It also explains how to resolve the error so the Publish Permissions process will complete successfully.

The following error may appear during the publishing of permissions if a company has been renamed.

By default, the Easy Security installation process creates a Company Group for every company in the database. The default names that appear in the Group ID, Name, and Company List fields are based on the name of the company. When a company name is changed and one or more of the groups still refer to the original company name, the error occurs because the referenced company no longer exists.

For example, I have renamed CRONUS North America to North America. But my Company Group record still has the previous name in the Company List.

To resolve the issue, go to the Company Groups page and execute "Get New Companies From Live". Nothing will appear to change in the page, but the new name of North America has been pulled over from Live.

Now select Company Group Lines for a Group ID that has the renamed company in it. Add a new line and select the new company name from the list. The existing line with the old company name can now be deleted. This step will need to be done for each Group ID that has the renamed company in it.

This method prevents from having to change any existing logins which refer to the old company group. Notice that the name of the company changed in the Company List field. However, the Group ID and Name fields did not update based on the changes just made. That's because the Group ID field and the Name field can be named anything and are not tied to the name of the Company. These two fields can be manually changed if desired.

The Login now has the correct company name in the Company List field. The Company Group ID and Company Group Name fields were not manually changed, so they still reflect the original Company Name. The Publish should complete without error.

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