Change Log Size Increases

Overview: This document describes a situation where the Change Log feature in NAV 2013 records all the changes that are made to security tables. This will happen even if the Change Log is not set up to capture this information. Since the purpose of Easy Security is to set up and maintain security, most of the changes made in the Easy Security Company are captured by the Change Log feature in NAV. This can cause the Change Log table to grow very large very quickly. A future release of NAV Easy Security will delete these entries from the Easy Security Company.

The options to remedy this situation are listed below:

1) Manually delete entries for the Easy Security Company using the Delete Change Log Entries feature in NAV.

2) Activate the Optimized Publishing : feature in Easy Security. The field is located on the Restore Point tab of Security Setup. This feature was introduced in Easy Security Version ES1.40.05 and reduces the number of entries that are created by Easy Security.

3) You can view the change logs entries for Logins and Permission Sets in the Live Companies by using "Live" in the Easy Security menu.

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