How to use the Override Permission option in Builder Permissions (v1.40.16)

Building Permission Sets (20:53)

Easy Security version 1.40.16 introduced the Override Permission option in Builder Permissions.

For certain Limited License or "protected" tables such as Posted Document tables and Ledger Entry tables, permission will normally be set to Indirect (vs. Direct) due to license restrictions. This is done because in the base application, a posting routine may need to Insert and/or Modify records in these protected tables. But a user should not be able to insert or modify them directly through the user interface. However, master tables like Item, Customer, and Vendor are not limited by the license. But there may be times when Direct access is not desirable.

It is not possible at the time of recording to determine if Direct or Indirect permission is required. However, it is now possible to change permission in a recording if necessary. By adding a single Builder permission with the Override Permission option checked, the recorded permission is overridden (or replaced). The Override Permission option can be used to increase permission from Indirect to Direct or reduce permission from Direct to Indirect.

Using the E_PD_RECEIVE demo role as an example, the recording contains Direct Modify permission for TableData Item.

This is a recording of the posting of a purchase receipt. The item cost may be updated during posting. Updating the item cost requires Modify permission. We know that only Indirect Modify permission is required because the user does not need to modify the item directly during posting. To reduce the permission for this Permission Set to Indirect, add a new Builder permission. From Permission Sets, select Builder Permissions.

Add a new line for TableData 27 Item as in the screen shot below. The Read Permission permission must be added here as well, since this record will replace the permissions in the recording. Check the Override Permission option.

After updating, the modify permission is reduced to Indirect.

The Permission Set is now ready to be published to Live.

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