How to Reverse Changes with Snapshots

Overview: This information explains how to use the Snapshot feature for reversing changes made to User Permission Sets. This feature can be used to restore one User at a time to a previous set of Permission Sets. The steps follow the information in the video - Maintaining Users with NAV Easy Security Light starting at the 3:42 time. Link to video: Maintaining Users with NAV Easy Security Light

To return User Permission Sets to previous state:

1) From the Easy Security Light Users list, locate a User with more than one Snapshot. The number of Snapshots for a User displays in the Statistics Window.

2) Select a User.

3) Click on the Snapshots Action to open the Snapshot Users window.

4) Select the Snapshot you wish to revert to.

5) Run the Restore Access Controls Action.

6) Click Yes to overwrite existing Access Controls.

7) View the User that was restored and notice that the User has only the Permission Sets from the restored Snapshot.

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