How To Delete Field Level and Data Security Codes

Overview: At times it may be necessary or desirable to delete a Field Level or Data Security Code that is no longer being used. If the code has been assigned to users under User Security Setup and Copy Data Between Companies has been executed, this means that User Security Setup in the Live companies must be removed before the code can be deleted. The steps should be executed as outlined below.

For example, the blank user has been assigned the "Test" Field Level Code for the Customer table.

In order to delete the Test code, it must first be removed from any User Security Setup by either deleting the setup or blanking out the code as below. Assuming that the User Security Setup was done in the Easy Security company and then copied to the Live companies, this step would be done in the Easy Security company.

Now the Copy Data Between Companies step must be run to update the User Security Setup in the Live companies. If this step is not run prior to deleting the code, then after deletion when the Copy step is run, an error similar to the following will occur.
"User Security Setup x is using Field Level Security Code x in Company y"

Note: This state can be corrected by simply adding the code back in the Easy Security company and executing the steps in the described order.

After Copy Data Between Companies has completed successfully, the Field Level code can be deleted. Copy Data Between Companies must be run again after deletion to remove the code from the Live companies.

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