NAV Easy Security online training and setup conducts online training and setup sessions directly with customers of NAV Easy Security. The setup session is normally recorded and made available to the customer after the training for future reference. Customers also have the option to receive support directly from for an annual fee and paid enhancement.

Each training and setup session is a little different, but in general the agenda is as indicated below. The two parts can be done independently, and we recommend that customers do not attempt to do both in one day.

Additional training in base NAV security is highly recommended for customers new to the NAV product or those who are unfamiliar with how security is maintained in the base application. This training is outlined at the end of the article. It is a requirement to know base NAV Security before attending's training in NAV Easy Security application.

Requirements for training:

For the Logins and Permissions session, the installation and training can be done in the customer environment if desired. A Test or Development environment is preferred and recommended for training, but we can use the production environment if necessary.
The Field Level and Data Security training must take place in a test environment to ensure the code changes do not affect other users in the database.

Attendees must be familiar with functionality of the standard NAV security.

The customer license must be updated with the Easy Security modules and uploaded into the environment where training will take place.

Access to login as two users will be required. One must be SUPER with no company-specific restrictions. The other user will be used for testing permissions. Both users must be Windows Logins setup in the RoleTailored or Classic Client, whichever will be used.

A text file of all objects exported to text from the customer database will be needed for the Source Code Analysis. If all objects cannot be exported due to license restrictions, as many as possible should exported by filtering out objects for which the license does not have adequate permission. The export requires a partner license unless the customer license includes the Solution Developer granule (7200).

Access to SQL Management Studio is required if the plan is to use SQL Profiler for recordings. At least one user should have adequate permission on SQL to run a Profiler trace.

Agenda - NAV Easy Security - Technical Install

1. Download required files and latest version of the Easy Security objects
2. Import Easy Security objects
3. Create new Company for Easy Security data
4. Run installation wizard for Logins and Permissions
5. Setup Service Tier for recording
6. Setup SQL Profiler for NAV Easy Security
7. Initial setup of Field Level and Data Security
8. Implement changes to standard tables 15, 17, 18, 27, 36 and 37

Expected time: 1.5-2 hours
Attendees: NAV Partner and technical staff from customer
Technical Install YouTube video with timeline to fast forward

Agenda - NAV Easy Security - Logins and Permissions

1. Introduction to Logins and Permissions application
2. Login setup, Company Groups and Permission Groups
3. Permission Sets and Recordings, including Segregation of Duties Permission Sets
4. Import Segregation of Duties Permission Sets and Permission Group data
5. Walkthrough: Assigning Quick Security to a Login and Publishing Permission
5. Walkthrough: Assigning Segregation of Duties permission sets to a Login
6. Walkthrough: Creating a recording and attaching the recording to a permission set
7. Launching objects for recordings (optional)
8. Object level Security (optional)

Expected time: 3-4 hours
Attendees: Technical and application staff from customer (Maximum 3 people)
Logins and Permissions Basics YouTube video with timeline to fast forward
Logins and Permissions Advanced YouTube video with timeline to fast forward

Agenda - Field Level and Data Security

1. Introduction to Field Level and Data Security application
2. Setup in multiple companies and general setup, copy data between companies
2. User Security Setup
3. Walkthrough: Adding a Field Level Security code and assigning it to a user
4. Walkthrough: Adding a Data Security code and assigning it to a user
5. User Filters and Dynamic filters and how they are used

Expected time: 2-3 hours
Attendees: Technical and application staff from customer (Maximum 3 people)
Field Level and Data Security Basics YouTube video with timeline to fast forward
Implement and delete changes in code for Field Level and Data Security YouTube video with timeline to fast forward

Agenda - Understanding NAV Security
This can be added before the Logins and Permissions training.

1. Assigning permission sets to users
2. Security object types (tabledata, pages, etc.)
3. Direct versus Indirect permissions
4. Important system roles (SUPER, ALL/BASIC)
5. Discuss Active Directory and Windows Groups
6. License and User permissions
7. Security filters
8. SQL Security model: Enhanced vs. Standard
9. Limiting the Menusuite

Expected time: 1 hour
Attendees: Technical and application staff from customer (Maximum 3 people)
NAV Security YouTube video with timeline to fast forward. This is part of a webinar performed for NAVUG.

Support for NAV Easy Security offer fixed price support for NAV Easy Security. The support is offered to one person (more can be purchased) that have attended the original training. Only if did the training in our application is a customer able to buy support from

Our support is handled through e-mail, but is often solved with an online meeting for more complex questions.

Fixed price support includes application features, explaining errors and questions related to the general processes inside NAV Easy Security.

Assistance with implementation from test to production is not included in the fixed price support offered by after. The customers NAV partner is responsible for the production environment.

Repeated debugging of why certain permissions does not work in a role, Adding tables to Field Level and Data Security or implementating of NAV Easy Security in a production database is not covered by the fixed price support. Assistance for these task required buying assistance by the hour.

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