If Forms or Pages are missing from Source Table Setups

In order for Field Level and Data Security to be applied to forms and pages, the relationship between the Source Table and its associated forms and pages must be known. This relationship is computed by the Source Code Analyzer (SCA), which is always run as part of the initial setup. When a table is then added to Source Table Setups, the forms and pages associated can be seen and accessed from there.

When new or modified objects are imported which affect the relationship between tables and pages/forms, such as adding a new custom page, the SCA must be updated to reflect those changes.

For example, say we have a new form 50050, Salesperson Commission, which has the Salesperson/Purchaser (13) as its source table.

This page is not showing under Pages in Source Table Setup, because the SCA has not been updated to reflect the change.

See How To Update Source Code Analysis in Field Level, Actions and Data Security

Once the SCA has been updated, the page will appear as expected.

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