Accessing files via RTC

When running the RTC, any file path specification in NAV references the NAV Service Tier machine, not the local machine. To import or export files for certain tasks in Easy Security, it is best to have the files in a folder on the NAV Service Tier Server. This is especially true when working with large files. If the files can't be placed on the NAV Service Tier Server, then use a network share and specify the UNC path, i.e. \\machine\folder(share)\filename.

You must also ensure that users running the application have the appropriate permissions to access the file location. Depending upon the configuration, it may be necessary to ensure that the NAV Service account has permissions for the file location as well. View permissions by right-clicking the location in Windows Explorer and selecting Properties, Security tab.

For example, if you are importing a SQL Profiler Trace for a recording, you may specify a file path as in the below screen shot.

You may receive any of the following errors, depending upon the configuration and the path specified.

File was not found
File does not exist.
The specified path is invalid.

If permissions for the file location are inadequate, the most common error is

Either the caller does not have the required permission or the specified path is read-only.

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