How To Use Dynamic Filters for Data Security

Overview: At times it may be desirable to filter data based on a changing value, like "current year". Field Level and Data Security provides the ability to set up Dynamic Filters to accommodate this scenario.

1) We will add a new Data Security Code to filter flowfields on the G/L Account table to current year transactions.

For more information on Data Security Codes see the following How-To document:

How To Create a Data Security Code

From the menu select Data Security Codes and click New. Enter source table 15 and code CurYr.

2) On the line for Page 0, drill down on Fields. Add a line for Field ID 28, Filter Type Editable. Check the values Substitute Filter Value and Always Substitute Filter Value. Click the Assist Edit on Filter Value.

When the Always Substitute field has a checkmark, the Data Security Filter is calculated every time the form or page is opened if Substitute Filter Value is checked. Otherwise, the filter is only calculated the first time the form or page is opened. This should be used if the data controlling the filter can change. The impact on performance is still insignificant.

3) Select Year for the filter value.

The lookup shows the list of standard dynamic filters provided as part of the Field Level and Data Security product. It is possible also to add custom Dynamic Filters. See the following How-To document for more information.

How To Add Additional Dynamic Filters for Data Security

4) This completes the setup of the Data Security Code using a Dynamic Filter. Click Ok.

When this Data Security Code is assigned to a user, the flowfields in the G/L Account table will be filtered to only the current year transactions. This will apply to all pages not otherwise specified, because we added the filter to the Page 0 line (default). For example, see that the Limit Totals in the Chart of Accounts shows the date filter below.

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