Reduce time to Publish Permissions

When many users or roles exist, the calculations done by default in Easy Security during a publish can require some time. There are several options to reduce the time.

If only one or a few roles has changed, the "Update Permissions for Roles in Live" from the Roles screen can be used instead of a full publish, making it fast to correct a permission problem inside a role.

If a full Publish is required (when Access Controls, Role Groups or Company Groups has been changed), there are some options to reduce that time too. If the "Include Objects in Restore Point" is checked in the Security Setup, the creation of the Restore Points is taking longer than necessary.

The field "Manual Update of Summary Permissions" can be checked in the Security Setup to reduce the time for updating the Summary Permissions for the logins. With many users can this be a big time savings.

A few other options (not recommended for general usage) can reduce the time even further. If the Logins and Permissions have all been updated manually, the checkmarks during the Publish can be removed. This will make the Publish take the minimum time to only run the check of consistent data and the actual change of the permissions in the Live data. Be aware that Expiry Date, changes to Role Groups and Company Groups are not applied without updating the Logins.

Update: Starting in version ES1.40.05, changes have been made for improved performance of updating logins, updating roles and publishing permissions. The process has been updated to minimize the amount of writing to the database. This improves the performance for some customers with many users and roles to 50% or less of the time to publish.
A new field Optimized Publishing has been added to control the new functionality. Existing customers must check this field manually to activate the new algorithm.

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