Restore Permissions from a Restore Point

Every time permissions are published in Easy Security a Restore Point is created. This allows for reversing the changes if a problem should occur with the new permissions.

To restore the permissions from a Restore Point, a couple of things must be done manually. The fields "Create Database Access Controls", "Create Windows Access Controls", "Create Roles" and "Create Role Permissions" must be shown in the Restore Points form or page.

The fields must be checked for the data to be restored. The only recommended process to do this is to check all 4 fields. The testing for consistency of the data restored is limited. After selecting the tables to be created, use the "Functions, Write Restore Point to Live" to update the permissions inside NAV.

If users have been deleted, added, or major changes to roles have been done since the Restore Point was created, the permissions cannot be re-established from the Restore Point. The function is only intended to reverse the published permissions shortly after the invalid publish of permissions happened.

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