Installing a different MenuSuite

Are MenuSuites available with a different number?
With the limited number of MenuSuites available for ISV solutions, a conflict of the object ID is very possible. Additional MenuSuites have been created for NAV Easy Security with the different IDs (51-59 and 1051-1059).

Download the file "ES1.xx.xx MenuSuites.rar" and uncompress it. Open the file with the desired MenuSuite number and import the objects. It is important that only 1 MenuSuite exists for Easy Security in the range 51-59 (Classic) and 1051-1059 (RoleTailored Client). It is not a problem if the MenuSuites for the Classic and RoleTailored Client use different numbers, as long as only one for each is imported.

In the case of no available MenuSuite numbers, a MenuSuite can very easily be merged in a Text editor. Export both MenuSuites to text format. Select all the lines after the "MENUNODES" and paste into the other text file. Make the "{" and "}" match properly and save the file. Import and compile the merged MenuSuite object.

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