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Please use the new Mergetool. Still available for free to all NAV partners.
Download it from the Mergetool History page.

The code is supplied without additional instructions and help.

This is a 42 minutes screen capture about how to use the Mergetool. How to use the Mergetool (This is based on an earlier version of the code).
This Codec will maybe be required to playback the screen capture TSCC.exe

Please use the new Mergetool. Still available for free to all NAV partners.

The Code for the Mergetool has been converted to 5.00 C/SIDE.

Latest Version PM120

Please use the new Mergetool. Still available for free to all NAV partners.

Mergetool PM120 Database with Setup for creating On-Line Help and FAQ using Word as Editor. This version support lines longer than 1000 characters.

Please use the new Mergetool. Still available for free to all NAV partners.

Performance and Dead Lock Monitor

TIFPM1.20 177xxx.fob This is a small customization to the TIF tool released for 6.00 form transformation. Version PM113 of the mergetool is required to use this version. This also contain a solution for "Heating Up" the Service tier and Object Cache.

Please use the new Mergetool. Still available for free to all NAV partners.

Screen Capture from Direction presentation about Form Transformation

Screen Capture 6.00 Transformation Step 1 Setting Form Type (This is based on an earlier version of the code)

Screen Capture 6.00 Transformation Step 2 Essential Fields and Promoted Actions (This is based on an earlier version of the code)

Screen Capture 6.00 Transformation Step 3 MenuSuite (This is based on an earlier version of the code)

Create Online Help with the Mergetool

Using the Mergetool to Translate a Product

To Compile the On-Line help will the following need to be installed
HTML Help Workshop (Free from Microsoft)

Original Mergetool Manual

Native Database performance report

Original C/AL Programming Guide

Misc. Material and Exercises

Sample FAQ's

Mayor changes between versions.

Please use the new Mergetool. Still available for free to all NAV partners


Many improvements has been made to the Online Help tool.
It is now optional to show errors when updating captions in Help Tokens
Help Tokens can be excluded from the index by default and other types of help tokens can be added. FAQs can also be included in the index.
Flow fields has been added with counts for references.
An otion to not include a file in the Export to HTML has been added.
It is now supported to have a report show up as a batch job.
Manual HTML Encoding is now possible. This can be used for directly writing HTML in the Online Help text.
Formatting of FAQ in the online help can now be improved if the "Question" section is not included.
Progress bars have been added.

The translation Tool has been improved.
The message when multiple texts are changed can now be disabled in the Language Code.
A new field with the ENU Text Sorting has been added in the Translation tokens with a key.
Hotkeys are now being checked to ensure no conflicts with Main Menu. The Hotkeys are on the Language.
Some strange control characters was introduced in the later versions of NAV a function has been added to remove those
Function to automatically set Non-texts to translated.
A new feature Base Terminology has been added.
w It is now possible to lookup similar Object Token from earlier versions.

An applicatin to maintaining a mass mailing e-mail address list has been added.


Many improvements has been made to the Online Help. It is now possible to have custom header and footer. The default header and footer is using the 2009 style online help.
Flowfield definitions can now be added to the online help by scanning the source code.
The Company Notes is still available but optional based on a field on the Help Version.
Small improvement to the Translation tool to allow seeing the total number of equal texts.


The old style menu can now be suppressed when opening the Mergetool
Some lookups has been improved
The progress bars was not working properly in the Translation module. this has been corrected


New screen resolutions has been added 1280x720 and 1920x1080
A menuSuite has been added to bring the Mergetool into the 21st century. New Screen resolutions has been added to support the smaller screen with the MenuSuite
PM112 was released with some changes from PM111 missing. This has been corrected.
A Dataport for Online Help was not working. This has been corrected.


The Online Help and FAQ tool did not work properly with Office 2010 opening a file, this has been changed. The Help Setup have a new field for the Help Compiler Path. This is needed on Windows 7 or 64-bit Windows
The Lookup from Promoted Actions and Essential Fields tool has been improved.
A function have been added in the Promoted Actions and Essentials Fields tool to remove entries that exists in other versions. This is very useful when the control ID is not manually maintained.
The delimiter character have been changed for the Promoted Actions and Essential Fields exports. This also a require version TIFPM1.20 of the TIFPM tool to work properly.
The Lookup from from Caption and Text Constants has been improved
A few forms has been renamed to make the Mergetool name more visible.


The C/CAPS granule application was updated. The application can now also handle page objects.
A problem when using Copy Missing Objects during import has been corrected.


An error could be triggere in the Create Caption feature when variables with special characters existed. This has been changed.
The similar name feature has been improved in the Serial Number matching.
Several features has been added to the Promoted Actions and Essential fields. The dataport has been redone and require version TIFPM1.18 of the TIFPM tool to work properly. The data in the database will still be OK.
The Copy missing objects was not working properly with the Long Lines feature. This has been changed.
A new feature have been added to the Log export. It is now possible to not have log for the Object Properties section. This makes it easier to recognize actual changes from Date, Time and Version List changes.
A problem with the reading of the code in pages has been corrected. This problem will cause wrong log if all versions containing pages are not deleted and reimported.


The mergetool now supported unlimited length of source lines. This has been done without modifying the existing data structure. But it will require reimport of all version with lines longer than 1000 characters. Those versions can be found by filtering "Full Line"=No in the Application Objects Line.
Better testing for Similar Names has been added.
Features has been added to the TIF integration to easier make Promotion and Essential Fields consistent.
Small update to the Software test application.
A Customer Add statistics form was not calculating correctly. This has been changed.


A new Customer feature have been added for the C/CAPS Serial Number application.
Additional fields for Enhancement has been added.
Small update to the TIF tool integration.
Some code to copy objects has been moved from the form to the table.
It is not possible to copy missing objects during import of a version.
The Software test application has been updated.


Additional Source Table information has been added to the NAV 2009 Transformation Data Tool.
The Customer Add Statistics now show more rows.
Two Dataports for NAV 2009 Data has been added to the Versions form.
A new application for setting up and tracking Software Tests has been added.
The Online Help Tool has been improved sligtly when creating Help Tokens.
Many changes could cause the Manual Merge screen to show a Text to Text conversion error. This has been changed.


Two flow fields with the number code lines has been added to the Contrast Header. This will make it easier to do statisitcs.
The Contrast Header can show several totals about groups of code. This feature can be enabled in the Merge Setup with the field "Update Contrast Groups".
A report to show No. of Lines of code on Form Controls have been added to the Advanced Button.
If a FAQ had a long line could a text to text conversion erro be shown. This has been changed.
The Dataport for Serial Number and C/CAPS Sales Entries have been update to allow moving the manually maintained fields.


Modifications to the tool for Promoted Actions. It is now possible to have the images selected and also delete controls


It is now possible to add a comments to all Help Tokens and FAQ when generating the files.
An export has been created that will export the C/CAPS Objects Permissions to a dataport for User Roles in Navision


The Add-On Serial Number feature has been updated with an import for maintenance date
An application to support transformation to Navision 6.0 has been added


The base development environment have been switched from 2.60 to 5.00 executable. This has caused a lot of changes to the tables, but the version list is not changed.
A function to find (most) unused variables has been added to the Mergetool.


The function to calculate Customer Add's was not adding the new license types. This has been changed.
A new function to search for texts has been added to the Mergetool.
The FAQ included in the Online help has not formatted properly. This has been changed.
A new tool has been added to help in the process of Promoting Actions and Essential Fields for form transformation in Navision 6.0.


The field "Total C/CAPS Sales Value" in the "Add-On Serial Number" was not calculated correctly with "Invalid Entry", This has been changed.
It is now possible to show similar name in the "Add-On C/CAPS Sales Entry". This will help identify upgrade from an -001- license to a -0320-
A new field "SHELL Command Type" has been added to the "Merge Setup". This field is used several places to control how a shell command is used. With different version of the executable file is different commands required. This can now be controlled with the option.
The comments in the bottom of the Manual Merge screen has been updated.


A new feature to translate partial texts has been added to the Translation Tools. This can be very useful for Pagename, option strings and similar texts.
Non text was not marked as translated, a new function will set the translated if the text only contain non letters.
Status for each version will now be shown in the Manual Merge form. This extra information have made it impossible to run the screen in less than 1024x768.


The extra tables associated with a version is also getting deleted now with the version.
The renumbering feature added in PM70 was not handling MenuSuite objects correctly. This has been changed.
With "strange" function names "@@A@@" would some of the code be tricked to not read the fixed ID properly. This has been changed.


A new feature to Renumber Objects has been added to the Mergetool. This will allow during export of a version to change all references. A table under the version is used to setup the renumbering.
The Code Review has been updated with the new objects types.


Three function has been added to the Manual Merge form. These functions can be used to take only the Inserted lines from the New or Custom Version. When the code contains languages will this save a lot of time.
A new function on the Manual Merge form can be used to automatically create The PageNamesML property based on the New and Custom version. It will also allow different number of languages and still build a correct PageNameML property.
A new function has been added that allow to Change PageNo on only the New or Custom lines.


Minor additions to the translation tool.


Minor additions to the translation tool.


The new object type Page introduced with 5.01 of Navision is now supported by the mergetool.
Minor modifcation to the Serial Number feature.


Minor modifications to the C/CAPS Data Import Application
It will now be tracked by who and when a Help Token is created
The application to add Captions and Text Constants could fail with very long lines. This has been corrected.
A debugging message was shown with the caption tool. This has been changed.

PM61, PM62, PM63 and PM64

New Granule ID Filter has been added to the Serial Number table.
Some display fields has been changed to avoid a buffer overflow.
It is now possible to create Online Help for any language. It will require the Caption has been imported toi use this feature.
The Lookup for base version objects/fields has been improved from the Online Help tool. A new field "Base Help Version Code" has been added to the Help Version. This will be required to be filled out before exporting with references to the base version.
The font size in the web-page Header has been increased in the FAQ feature.
Two new field on the Merge request will control copying of new objects.
A small error in the Caption tool has been corected.
A couple of keys has been changed on the C/CAPS Sales Entries.
The general progress window has been updated to show the Version too.


Minor correction to Online Help tool.


A new option in the Merge Request will allow only to create the Merged obejcts in the new version.
This will make it easier to do simple upgrade by using the compiled objects as much as possible.

PM56, PM57 and PM58

A new tool to create ENU caption has been added the Mergetool.
Translation using an already translated application (Like Base Navision) has been added.
Several changes to FAQ and Online Help tool.
Added a new resolution 1680x1050.


An option to run a Publish Script when creating Online Help or FAQ has been added.
Additional Statistics options has been added to the Addon Granules.
Minor fixes to the FAQ functionality.


The FAQ Export function was not created the Index's correct. This has been changed.
Several changes to allow entering certifications to Serial Numbers.
Statistics forms showing the Granule sales.


Many changes for the Add-On Serial Number allowing to track activity on a Serial Number.
Allowing to mark an Active Serial Number for a Serial Number.
The Pricing for Add-On Granules are now not hardcoded.
Corrected an error in the FAQ Functionality.
Changed the Main Menu to show Serial Numbers.


Improved the FAQ Functionality.


Added functionality to create FAQ's in the Mergetool (using Word as the editor).
Possible to include FAQ's in the Online Help.
The FAQ can be with a customized template to match an existing web-site


New fields on the Help Token will capture changes in Online Help.
It is now possible to have data imported directly from C/CAPS with Object Permissions per Granule.


This new version have some improvement in handling multiple add-ons in one help version.


Minor changes to the Online Help Tool and import of C/CAPS Sales Entries.


The latest version of the mergetool is now supporting 4.00 objects (XMLPort and MenuSuite).
Compared to the earlier versions has the support for the History Management been deleted. This will make it a lot easier in countries without History Management in the developer licenses.